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Do you remember your first bike? 

The feeling of independence and joy as the wind blows against your face. For many kids living with a disability, cycling is a dream which sometimes seems impossible, but you can change this!

TAD’s Freedom Wheels bikes enable kids and adults living with a disability to ride a bike for the first time. The team of skilled engineers and local volunteers design, build and deliver the bikes to ensure that they are tailor made to suit the physical and cognitive needs of the individual so they too can enjoy what cycling has to offer.
We hold free assessments in Bathurst and Orange regularly with our Occupational Therapist for anyone who would like to try out riding, for whom standard commercial bikes are not suitable.

Are you, or anyone you know, interesting is trying out a custom a bike to enjoy the freedom of cycling?

We’re excited to partner with the Bathurst Cycling Classic to make cycling more inclusive!


 Meet Arlo 

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“First thing that comes to mind when I think of Arlo is he’s cheeky,” said dad, Chris.

Arlo is a 9-year-old boy who is full of life and loves being around his family. He enjoys swimming, watching his DVD’s and riding his special bike.
“Anything with wheels draws Arlo’s attention.”

Arlo is living with Cerebral Palsy and significant speech delay along with balance issues which affected his chance of riding a regular bike.
“Learning to ride his bike was uncertain for us. We weren’t sure how far he would get into riding independently. Originally it took some time, but we persevered with it and eventually he was requesting to go out on his bike more and more.”

“The look on Arlo’s face when we visited Freedom Wheels and there were all these bike options to test was priceless.”
Seeing Arlo ride his new Freedom Wheels bike was an amazing moment for Chris.

“He enjoys the experience of Freedom that bike riding provides. He still smiles when he gets on the bike to go for a ride!”

If you, or someone you know, would like to feel the freedom of riding get in touch today! Visit or call 02 9912 3400.