Winners Nutrition

Winners Sports Nutrition are proud to be the Official Energy Bar & Gel of Bathurst Cycling Classic 2019. Winners energy products have been developed specifically for cyclists and are used and recommended by cycling champion Cadel Evans.

Winners have created a special Bathurst Cycling Classic Nutrition Pack containing a selection of great tasting energy products, perfect for riders looking to ensure they are well fuelled during training and the ride.



Winners are offering a 10% discount from for all riders participating in Bathurst Cycling Classic 2019.

Coupon Code: BATHURST2019


How to approach nutrition for Bathurst Cycling Classic?

Nutrition Guide Image copy4-6 Weeks to Ride Day
• Begin to trial different food options and incorporate nutrition into your training ride.
• Practice opening, storing products and eating whilst on the bike.

3-4 Weeks to Ride Day
• Develop a nutrition plan for ride day and begin to fine tune in training

1 Week to Ride Day
• Taper training and increase carbohydrate intake in the lead up to the event.

Ride Day
• Eat and drink consistently from the start of the ride to reduce fatigue. Aim to consume 30-60g of carbohydrates per hour of the ride.

For more information on how to approach your nutrition download a free copy of our Cycling Guide to Nutrition