Before you participate in the B2B, we ask that you familiarise yourself with the common rules and courtesies of partaking in a bunch ride:

  • The Bathurst Cycling Classic allows you to select the speed you will be riding throughout the ride. It is essential that an appropriate speed is selected, to ensure that there are no speed discrepancies throughout the ride.
  • When you accelerate, it should be steady and controlled to limit gaps being formed.
  • Braking should only be used if necessary, done in a gentle manner. If possible a hand should also be held above the head to indicate. Hard braking could cause an accident.
  • When riding with others, you should be positioned behind the back wheel of the rider in front, but slightly to the side. This increases visibility and allows more time to react if required. An ideal distance is about 30cm – 1m behind the rider in front.
  • Watch the rider in front rather than their back wheel - this will increase your awareness around the bunch.
  • Communications from the front riders need to be passed to the back, and conversely communications from the back need to be passed to the front. This will help you avoid hazards.

 The table below contains some of the important signals and calls you should know when riding in a large group:

Slowing down or stopping "slowing" or "stopping" Arm raised above the head
On coming traffic from the front "car up", "truck up" or "bike up" N/A
Traffic approaching bunch from the rear "car back", "truck back" or "bike back" N/A
 Moving into single file formation "single" Raised arm moving back and forth cand calling "single" loud and clear through the peloton
 Holes/Debris "glass", "hole", "metal" Point to hazard with hand or finger
 Overtaking parked vehicles/ slower bikes / runners "car left" or "runner" Swing left arm behing your back
 Intersections/ roundabouts "clear left" or "clear right" N/A
 Turning "right" or "left" Arm extend out from body in the intended direction of travel
 Lane Changing "clear back" or "over" Arm extended towards the lane you're moving to
 Not safe to change lane "wait" N/A
Dropped riders now back on bunch  "all on" N/A