Key Dates

Monday 5 November 2018 - Sunday 16 December 2018 Early bird registrations
Monday 17 December 2018 - Sunday 24 February 2019 Registrations open
Monday 25 February - Wednesday 13 March 2019 Late entry registrations
Saturday 16 March 2019 Hill Climb Championships, Criterium Racing and Family Fun
Sunday 17 March 2019 Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B, The Village

Why is the entry fee lower for Cycling NSW members?

Cycling NSW members receive a lower entry fee, as they have insurance cover as part of their yearly membership subscription. When non-members register for this ride they receive a Cycling Australia One Day Ride Membership, which includes insurance cover for any issues or complications that may occur during the ride. For the terms and conditions regarding Ride Memberships please click here:-

Can I change my entry?

For all enquiries regarding entries, please contact Cycling NSW at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02 9738 5850.

Can I cancel my registration and receive a refund?

Registration for this event is managed by Cycling NSW. If you need to change or cancel your registration, please contact Cycling NSW at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02 9738 5850, and they will assess your request for a refund.

I have not received a confirmation email or receipt after registering

You are required to enter a valid email address when you register. Before registering, please ensure that your email address is correct. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Cycling NSW office on 02 9738 5850.

Who can enter?

As the Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B is split into two distinct distances, there are two different age restrictions for this event.

Riders born in 2008 or prior are eligible to ride the 70km course.
Riders born in 2002 or prior are eligible to ride the 110km course.

These age restrictions are in line with the maximum distances listed in the Cycling Australia Junior Cycling Policy.

When do entries close?

Entries will be taken in three categories. Entry cut off dates are as follows:

Early Bird Entry closes midnight 14 December 2018
Regular Entry closes midnight 24 February 2019
Late Entry closes midnight 13 March 2019 (Elite Wave closes 6 March 2019)

Can I register on the day of the event?

No registrations will be taken on the day of the event. Entries close midnight, Wednesday 13 March 2019. Elite Wave registrations close Wednesday 6 March 2019.

Why are Gran Fondo Age categories used?

The purpose of the Grand Fondo age categories is for UCI Grand Fondo World Series qualification. The top 25% of finishers in each age category will qualify for the 2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, which will be held in Poznan, Poland.

What is the elite wave?

The elite wave category is a wave of the 110km course restricted to the top 120 elite riders in the race. The selection for this wave is based on the handicapping grades given to riders by the Cycling NSW handicapping team. Riders who miss out on qualifying for the elite wave will be placed in the 110km course.

When will I receive my rider timing chip?

The rider timing chip will be included in your rider registration pack. These packs will be available from the sign on desk, open across the weekend. Times and locations will be confirmed closer to the event.

What is included in my registration pack?

The registration pack will include 2 race numbers, a set of pins (for the rider numbers), a timing chip (to be placed on the seat post), and an information booklet that includes a map of the course and important contacts.

Can I transfer my registration to another rider?

There will be strictly no transfers of registrations for any event during the Bathurst Cycling Classic.

What time should I arrive at the B2B?

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Please note, Blayney can get quite congested on the morning of the race, as there will be a large influx of people in the town.

Riders are also welcome to book a seat on one of the buses travelling from Mount Panorama, Bathurst to the Blayney start line. There will be ample parking at Mount Panorama for riders who utilise this bus service. Please purchase a ticket for this service when you register for the race.

How do I get to the B2B start line?

Riders can commute to the Blayney town centre via their personal arrangements or via the buses available to riders upon registration. Buses and bike transportation leave from Mount Panorama in Bathurst on the morning of the event.

These buses are distance specific: Buses will depart from 6:30am for 110km course riders, and buses will depart from 8:30am for 70km course riders.

A bus will leave from Mount Panorama, Bathurst at 3:00pm, at the end of the event, transporting finishers of the event back to Blayney.

Bus tickets cost $20 each and are to be purchased upon registration. Passengers are expected to marshal for the bus at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Only ticket holders will be permitted to board the bus.

What are the rules for riding in a large group?

Before you participate in the B2B, we ask that you familiarise yourself with the common rules and courtesies of partaking in a bunch ride:

  • The Bathurst Cycling Classic allows you to select the speed you will be riding throughout the ride. It is essential that an appropriate speed is selected, to ensure that there are no speed discrepancies throughout the ride.
  • When you accelerate, it should be steady and controlled to limit gaps being formed.
  • Braking should only be used if necessary, done in a gentle manner. If possible a hand should also be held above the head to indicate. Hard braking could cause an accident.
  • When riding with others, you should be positioned behind the back wheel of the rider in front, but slightly to the side. This increases visibility and allows more time to react if required. An ideal distance is about 30cm – 1m behind the rider in front.
  • Watch the rider in front rather than their back wheel - this will increase your awareness around the bunch.
  • Communications from the front riders need to be passed to the back, and conversely communications from the back need to be passed to the front. This will help you avoid hazards.

 The table below contains some of the important signals and calls you should know when riding in a large group:

Slowing down or stopping "slowing" or "stopping" Arm raised above the head
On coming traffic from the front "car up", "truck up" or "bike up" N/A
Traffic approaching bunch from the rear "car back", "truck back" or "bike back" N/A
 Moving into single file formation "single" Raised arm moving back and forth cand calling "single" loud and clear through the peloton
 Holes/Debris "glass", "hole", "metal" Point to hazard with hand or finger
 Overtaking parked vehicles/ slower bikes / runners "car left" or "runner" Swing left arm behing your back
 Intersections/ roundabouts "clear left" or "clear right" N/A
 Turning "right" or "left" Arm extend out from body in the intended direction of travel
 Lane Changing "clear back" or "over" Arm extended towards the lane you're moving to
 Not safe to change lane "wait" N/A
Dropped riders now back on bunch  "all on" N/A


What is the Village and where is it located?

The Village is the official social hub for the Bathurst Cycling Classic B2B, where spectators and riders can enjoy a relaxing bite to eat and a refreshing beverage post B2B. The Village is free to enter and contains gourmet food, award winning wines, craft beer and ciders and kids activities. The Village is located at the B2B finish line in the Mount Panorama Pit Complex. Free parking is available.

What should I wear during the B2B?

As we will have a large array of riders from seasoned professionals to recreational riders there are no restrictions on clothing. Riders should wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather on the day. Please make sure you are wearing your AUS/NZ approved helmets at all times while on your bike, and have your rider numbers showing at all times to ensure we can locate you throughout the ride.

What kind of bike can I ride in the B2B?

Riders looking to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Series will be required to have a bike that complies with the UCI technical regulations. For information on the restrictions and regulations please visit the UCI website

Recreational riders may ride a bike of their choice, however we ask that all bikes are tested for road worthiness by a local bike shop before taking part in the ride.

Is medical attention available on the B2B course?

Volunteers and paramedic staff will be available on course to assist with medical attention. If required, they will notify event management who will dispatch the appropriate emergency services.