Saturday 21 April

King's Parade, Bathurst 

Details TBC

Criterium or "Crit" racing is a style of road cycle racing conducted on circuits of around 1km which results in fast and furious racing.

In 2018 crit racing will return to the Bathurst CBD as part of the Bathurst Cycling Classic.

Races for senior level riders are normally 40 minutes and combine the endurance required of a road racer with the bike handling skills and daring of track racers. The key to being a strong crit racer is an ability to corner well and "kick out" of the corners fast to either create a gap to the following riders, or ensure you maintain contact and don't get dropped.

Riders who are lapped are eliminated from the race, so leaders commonly attack regularily to break up the field.

Crit racing in Bathurst CBD gives spectators a chance to be close to the action as they line the street circuit, ensuring a front row view of the race with riders coming around every few minutes to complete a lap. A close sprint finish to all races is almost always assured.

Enjoy the cycling action while you tuck into some local delicacies from the street food stalls that will be set up in the criterium precinct.