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 A World Without Cancer 

Cancer is a tough enemy. But it's even worse when it's one of our loved ones who is facing this terrible disease. We raise vital funds to support the doctors and scientists who have dedicated their lives to uncovering a cure.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our supporters - individuals, families, corporate partners and community organisations - we're making a difference.

Since 2007, we've funded 432 cancer projects, including some exceptionally talented scientists and brilliant researchers. The result? We've funded 29 significant cancer breakthroughs in research and care.

We're outsmarting cancer together

Cancer evolution is the single biggest challenge we face in creating better treatment for those affected. Although there have been some incredible advances in the fight against cancer, the disease is constantly evolving and finding new ways to resist the effects of therapy. That's why we're incredibly proud of the projects we've funded and what we've achieved so far. It's spurred us on to achieve even greater things.

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 Cancer breakthroughs 

For decades, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have been the three staple treatments against cancer. But clinical trials in recent years have shown that harnessing the body’s immune response—which evolved to fend off harmful bacteria and viruses, among other things—presents a new treatment alternative. It's opened up a whole new frontier in the fight for a cure.

We're incredibly proud that thanks to your support, we've been able to fund 29 significant cancer breakthroughs - including breakthroughs in the area of immunology.

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 Why Ride with Us 

We ride for the men, women and children who are affected by cancer and those who sadly have lost their lives to this terrible disease.

Riding with TDC is challenging, inspiring, fun, heartbreaking. You’ll challenge yourself, meet new people, see incredible scenery and make lifelong friends. You'll visit schools and communities along the way and experience the joy of inspiring positive change.









Most importantly, you'll make a difference by raising vital funds to:

  • Support ground-breaking cancer research

  • Improves the lives of those affected by cancer, as well as their families, carers and communities

  • Raise awareness that 1 in 3 cancers are preventable, teaching kids and communities across Australia about healthy lifestyle choices.

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