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 Do you remember your first bike? 

The feeling of independence and joy as the wind blows against your face. For many kids living with a disability, cycling is a dream which sometimes seems impossible, but you can change this!

Freedom Wheels are custom bikes for kids and adults living with a disability who cannot ride a standard bike. The team of skilled staff and volunteers design, build and deliver the bikes to suit the physical and cognitive needs of the individual so they too can enjoy what cycling has to offer.

Currently, there are 105 kids waiting on their custom bikes but $1000 is needed to get them there.

Will you be the superstar a child needs and turn their dreams into a reality?

Sign up to fundraise in this year’s Bathurst Cycling Classic and help change the life of a child.


 Meet Lila 

Lila cropped

“Lila is a determined 4-year-old with a big character and light-hearted attitude to life. She enjoys art, music and dancing. Her favourite colour is pink,” said her mum, Natalie. 

Lila was born with two major heart conditions and underwent her first cardiac surgery at 19 hours old. After a challenging 12 months Lila was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome.

“She has difficulty with balance and her hearing and peripheral vision are also affected. Because of this, physical activities are a bit of a challenge for Lila but she is always determined to have a go,” said Natalie. 

Natalie said she cried tears of joy when she saw Lila riding for the first time, “I was super happy for her! Lila doesn’t see her bike as being different, she sees it as her special pink fairy bike and she can ride it with confidence just like her brother and cousins do theirs!”

“Being able to expose your child to activities that are typical for their age is so important, it means a lot to be able to do this and know that they are going to be safe,” said Natalie.