longcourse2Course overview

  • The challenging and scenic route is one of the only FULLY CLOSED road races in New South Wales.
  • The event will double as a qualifying round for the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships, all riders will be eligible to gain qualification based on their finish position.
  • The B2B starts in the main street of Blayney on Sunday 22 April 2018.
  • The route takes riders through the picturesque localities of Hobbys Yards, Trunkey Creek, Georges Plain, Rockley Mount and Perthville.
  • The B2B Long Course is conducted as a staggered mass start event with riders seeded according to ability.
  • It is recommended riders purchase a ticket on the bus from Bathurst to Blayney, and park at Mount Panorama. Alternatively riders can drive to and park at Blayney.

Long Course

    • 110km long course – fully closed road
    • Distance: 110kms
    • Date: Sunday 22 April 2018
    • Time: from 8.30am
    • Start: Blayney, Adventure Playground (Adelaide Street)
    • Finish: Bathurst, Mount Panorama, Pit Straight
    • Individual & Team Entries

longcourse1Long Course (110km) Event – Starting Waves

These are timed events which may mean that the first rider to cross the finish line may not necessarily be the fastest.

Elite Wave

The Elite Wave will be limited to 120 riders CA race membership holders as determined on merit by the CNSW State Handicapper.

Those riders who are not allocated to this wave will be reallocated into the Long Course event.

No Team Vehicles will be permitted in this under any circumstances.

Neutral support will be provided by up to 3 vehicles.

The Elite Wave will be the first group to be flagged off at 8.30am approx.

Wave 1 - Silver

All women participating in the Long Course event. There is no age category starting order, but qualification into the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships will be by age category (see below)

Wave 2 – Age Based Wave Start

Riders seeking qualification for the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships are encouraged to assemble and depart in this wave. This will give you the best opportunity of riding against fellow competitors whom you are competing against for qualifying positions.

Age Category riders will start youngest to oldest, with each age category having a unique colour seat post identification tag. Based on numbers in each age category, groups will be started with a small break between each age category.

There are 8 different age categories for both men and women:-


Age categories are defined by the riders’ age on December 31st of that year. UCI Gran Fondo World Series who move into the next age category in the following year are automatically qualified for that age category. Age category riders are eligible for all category wins.

Long CourseWave 3 - Recreational

For riders who wish to ride the course at their own pace and who do not wish to be grouped with riders who are racing for their Age Category. Riders will remain eligible for qualification however qualification should their times place them within the best times for the age category. Recreation Category riders will start after Age Category riders, fastest to slowest according to the riding speed selected when entering.

Riders for all waves other than Elite will be started in groups averaging 100 riders and will leave at 8.45am and thereafter at 2min intervals.

Other Wave Classification:-

40 km/hour plus
35-40 km/hour plus
30-35 km/hour plus
25-30 km/hour plus
20-25 km/hour plus



 Check Point Cut Off Times

To ensure you finish the race within the qualification time, you must pass each check point prior to the road re-opening times below. Riders who have not passed the check point by the advised times will be picked up by a support vehicle. Please refer to map

Hobbys Yard 12.00pm

Trunkey Creek 12.15pm

Georges Plains 1.20pm

Rockley Mount 1.30pm

Perthville 1.40pm

B2B 110km graph