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"The Bathurst Cycling Classic is one of NSW's premier cycling events" - Mark Renshaw

Getting to know Mark

Top 3 training tips?

1. Work up to riding the distance you want to achieve, pacing yourself on a bike ride is a must!

2. Look after your bike, you don’t want to be stuck out on the road with mechanical problems, a well maintained bike won’t let you down.

3. Don't forget to eat and drink, going hunger-flat or ‘’bonking’’ out on a ride really sucks. Your legs start to burn, your eyes start to go blurry and before you know it, you're all out of energy and praying for a cafe to appear!

Favourite meal before racing?

White rice with a nice spread of butter melting on top. Also a piece of fresh salmon and veggies on the side.

Ultimate bike ride?

It’s hard to pick one, but it would most likely be around Lake Annecy in France, it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ridden. The Mountains and the Lake make for spectacular views and there is plenty of hills to test your legs and make it a ultimate ride. Perfect for cycling!

Favourite bike?

My current team bike would be my favourite bike, it’s a BMC SLR01 with Dura-ace and disc brakes, I was hesitant to try disc brakes but now after training a few months on the bike it’s a dream to ride.

What project/goal are you working on at the moment?

Get back to racing ASAP! After my pelvis injury I have been working extra hard in the gym and on the bike to come back stronger. It’s now been a little more than 7 weeks since I was hit and my pelvis has healed really well. I’m back to training 25hrs on the bike and 2 or 3 hrs a week in the gym. My first race is yet to be decided but I’m hoping to pin a number on in February!

Post ride snack and coffee place

Bathurst has some awesome cafes and lunch spots. My favourites places to stop while cycling are Al’Dente on Keppel Street and Ristretto on Howick Street. I enjoy all coffee and love a protein based snack, mostly eggs!

Other hobbies

Mostly motorsport, I love to watch F1 because of the technical side and how on the limit they are while driving. I am lucky to have ridden with motorsport athletes such as Troy Baylis, James Courtney, Mark Webber and Stoffel Vandorne.

Greatest achievement

Helping my team mate Mark Cavendish win multiple Tour de France stages. We had a few years where we won just about all the sprint stages we raced. To be so consistent in cycling is very difficult!

Favourite place to ride in the world?

It will always be Australia and of course it's Bathurst that wins this award. Riding around the famous Mount Panorama, the rolling hills outside of Bathurst, O’Connell, Duramana and the flat quiet country roads of Perthville and Georges Plains.

What do you love about Bathurst and the Central West?

Because life is great here! I know that my family will be safe, that people value our region and what great assets we have. I know I can be anywhere in 15mins, that I can go riding for hours and see a handful or cars on quiet back roads. It’s all these reasons that living in the country is easy and makes life enjoyable.